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FUN Society Gala

Posted: September 12, 2014

Written by Alison McLean, Camps Coordinator, FUN Society.

Friends Uniting for Nature (FUN) Society is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to empower kids and youth to make positive change by inspiring them into action. Kids and youth are supported in creating their own Passion Projects, something to better their community or environment.

School Programs for All

Posted: September 2, 2014

Looking for things to do with your kids? Want to get them back into learning mode after a long summer? Grab all the neighbourhood kids and book a school tour here at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. For the month of September, 2014 we have lowered our minimum group size from fifteen to eight.

100th Anniversary of Passenger Pigeon Extinction

Posted: September 1, 2014

Written by Darren Irwin, Acting Director of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Professor of Zoology, UBC.

Few if any humans alive today would remember what was once the most numerous bird species in North America. Indeed, few of us even know its name. Today, September 1st, 2014, marks a sad but important milestone, the exact 100th anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon.

Burn Fund Visit

Posted: August 20, 2014

The BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund was founded by Captain Alex Blake from the Coquitlam Fire Department. The Burn Fund was created as a province-wide initiative after four decades of Fire Fighters visiting patients in the Burn Unit, seeing the need for help, and contributing money.

Sharks: more than just a pretty smile

Posted: August 14, 2014

Written by Rick Taylor, Director of Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Professor of Zoology, UBC.

With “Shark Week” upon us and the release of yet another Sharknado movie, it is easy to think of sharks as stereotypical ‘marauders of the sea’. Sharks, however, are endlessly fascinating creatures that provide many insights into the workings of ecology and evolution.

North to Alaska, a Sustainable Fishery, Migrating Salmon, and Grizzly Bears

Posted: July 26, 2014

Written by Rick Taylor, Director of Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Professor of Zoology, UBC.

I have just spent a week on Lake Aleknagik, part of the Wood River system that empties into Bristol Bay Alaska. Myself and two students (Shannan May-McNally and Allison Dennert) are collecting char for our own work, but are also helping with some sockeye salmon stream surveys out of the U of Washington camp on Lake Aleknagik.

Blueberries and Unconscious Knowledge

Posted: July 14, 2014

Written by Karen Yurkovich, Artist of the The Herbarium Project, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, UBC.

A very Canadian West Coast cultural experience is starting again: blueberry season. Spot prawn season arrived and we will have local cherries soon.

Fish Powerhouses

Posted: July 8, 2014

Written by Rick Taylor, Director of Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Professor of Zoology, UBC.

Many organisms can generate or detect electrical discharges. One fish that has taken “electrogenesis” to a whole other level is the electric eel, Electrophorus electricus (which is not actually a true eel, but that is another story).

Win tickets to MOV to see Rewilding Vancouver

Posted: June 27, 2014

Vancouverites are fortunate to live in a city where we come into contact with nature. Rewilding Vancouver, an exhibit currently on display at the Museum of Vancouver, explores our beloved city’s relationship with nature in it’s past, present and future.

BioBlitz: A Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt

Posted: June 25, 2014

What is a BioBlitz? A BioBlitz is a 24-hour period where teams of volunteer scientists along with community members work together to find and identify as many species of plants, animals, microbes, fungi and other organisms as possible in one particular area.


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